Tai Chi helps your body prevent Cancer

Did you know that by practising your Tai Chi you are altering your DNA and helping to prevent inflammation which that allows cancer cells to form?  There is a fascinating article from the University of Coventry, details how MBIs (mind Body Interventions) such as Tai Chi, lower the number of molecules which activate the inflammation genes which cause cancers.

This is no small study either, it pulls together the results from 18 studies over the last 11 years using 846 participants.  They looked at the molecules triggered due to stress, the ones which produce the ‘fight or flight’ response.  These are also closely linked to poor mental health and acceleration of the aging process.

Tai Chi more effective than anti-depressants

Massachusetts General Hospital has also discovered that Tai Chi can be more effective than anti-depressants or drug therapies for those suffering from depression.  A 12-week programme was found to significantly reduce the symptoms and has better results in the group of people who generally avoid conventional psychiatric treatments.

Learning Tai Chi is Fun

So, here is something for you to think about.  Learning Tai Chi is fun, you learn in a supportive atmosphere, it is relaxing and allows you to slow down our mind and body whilst meeting like-minded people.  It takes 20 minutes per day to practise – less time than you spend watching the news probably!  

Whilst there are new and better ways of treating cancer, being diagnosed is very scary.  The treatments can be harsh and on-going.  Many patients, and their families, suffer significant stress, sleepless nights and worry whilst waiting for the results of tests.

It is true that you can live a very healthy life style and still suffer from cancer.  Yes, life is a bit of a lottery and cancer can be a DNA lottery too.  We all need to be able to relax and enjoy time with friends and families, and this usually means food and a drink or two.  I think most of us would find it very difficult, and maybe a little boring, to live like a saint.  No-one is saying you have to, but you are what you do 90% of the time.  

So, is taking 20mins out of your day to practise your Tai Chi, really such a difficult thing to do?  It will also make you a nicer person to be around. You will be more relaxed, not so easily angered or frustrated and maybe, who knows, just feel a whole lot better in your body and your mind?

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