Tai Chi boosts your brain power . . . & more

If you want to improve your brain power at any age, I would strongly recommend taking up Tai chi.  If you google the health effects of tai chi, make a cup of tea first because you are going to be reading some good news for quite a while!!

There are so many great reasons why you should be practising tai chi daily; you don’t need any equipment,

is that its low impact and,

it’s great for beginners.

This means that there are no jolting movements, you won’t overstrain yourself.  You shouldn’t experience muscle pain when you get out of bed the next day!  There is no jumping around, no need to wear lycria (unless you want to of course!), no excessive sweating.  But we warned you may just end up making some lifelong friends and have a good giggle.

Your brain will thank you too.

Your stress levels will lower and thinking will expand too.  Combine your Tai Chi with brisk walks will help your brain no end.  Both have been proven to have beneficial effects on our mood too. Tai chi also involves breathing techniques called Qigong or Chi Kung.  This, again, is very good at lowering stress levels, produces a feeling of calm and stimulates your immune system too

Stress Doesn’t Just Affect your mind.

The media are always talking about stress and you might be fooled it only affects your moods.   In fact, stress is implicated in 90% of all illnesses.   That is from the common cold to major conditions like heart disease and cancer.   You will not only feel better in your mind but your body too when cutting down on stress.

Come and join us at the Hine Tai Chi classes and feel the difference.   All instructors have over 20 years’ experience teaching under Master Hine, so you know they are good.