Be sociable – the effect of Tea and Tai Chi

There have been several studies recently showing how tea can be good for you from protecting you against dementia to preventing type two diabetes it’s a great drink.


Tea has a long, and sometimes, troubled history in the UK. It used to be the nation’s favourite drink, but has recently been replaced by coffee. It brought wealth trade and a whole new social event. Afternoon tea and elevenses. It’s used more for social purposes but now for its health-giving benefits. Not only is black tea good for cholesterol, but it has anti-inflammatory properties too. It’s a great pick me up due to the caffeine and theophylline.


Mostly though, it’s a great way to unwind. Think about the times you put the kettle on and make a cup of tea. Your tea ritual will change throughout day, but there will be a time when you stop and relax, to be still and let your brain and body just be?


There is also the social cup of tea. The meeting of friends for a catch up. Of bumping into your neighbour chat over a cup of tea. Just chatting with your significant other over a cuppa at the end of the day. A time to bond with others. The informality of a cup of tea is great for breaking down barriers too.

Tai Chi & Tea

We have introduced the ‘tea ceremony’ to our Saturday seminars. It allows us to spend time chatting with our lovely students outside of the class setting. We get to find out more about each other, to share a giggle, view and opinions, to ask questions and to make great friends too. The informality of a cup of tea is great for breaking down barriers.

Our classes are designed to be a fun way to learn (great for your brain) and to gently get fitter and healthier. We want you to relax whilst your learning because, if you are having fun and relaxing whilst you learn, it makes the lessons so much easier to take in and remember. It also means you are going to keep to and stick with your new healthier routine and you are enjoying it and making new friends too.

You are welcome to come along and watch one of our classes, talk to the instructor and students too. Even better join in and then you can have that nice cup of tea when you get home!