Sleep, & kiwi fruit, make you beautiful

Were Disney right?  Sleeping beauty?  We all know how important sleep is for a happy mind and body, but a recent study shows that people who have too little sleep do appear to be less attractive – whatever ‘attractive’ is!  What is worse is that other people were less inclined to interact with them too.  Not sure if this is a bad thing, sometimes when you haven’t slept well and don’t feel up to happy conversations. A kind word or two makes the difference to your day, or a bad thing as you may be grumpy and want to be left alone so you don’t bite people’s heads off?


So, if you do find you have problems falling asleep please do look back on the blog a couple of weeks ago which listed 10 interesting and, somewhat, surprising ways to help you sleep.  Sunday night is the most problematic night for most people.  This may be due to late night’s over the weekend and lie-in, alcohol consumption etc.  There are some tips here to help so that you don’t have to give up your social life in order to feel ok on a Monday morning!  They include not napping after 4pm and wearing an eye mask to block out light. Did you know that Tai Chi is great for sleep?  Yes several studies have found that Tai Chi promotes better sleep and we know that is not only good for you, but weight loss too.  Insomnia is one of the biggest problems for the 21st century yet to be dealt with effectively, here we have a simple solution Tai Chi.


You could also try some kiwi fruit.  The BBC programme The Truth About Sleep (available on catch up) threw up some surprising scientific results of sleep deprivation which may help to explain diabetes and why we over eat on high fat, sugary snacks after a bad night.  They did very interesting experiments on people suffering insomnia, one of who ate two kiwi fruits per night and he did see an improvement in his sleep.  


If you want to help your brain and keep it fit you may want to try hugging, getting out in the sunlight or one of the other ten items mentioned in this study.  By keeping your brain fit and working at its optimum, you may find you reduce your stress levels, sleep better and are generally happier.  Got to be worth a try eh?


Why not try a Tai Chi taster class at one of our friendly Hine Institute branches now!  Our instructors are highly trained and experienced making for a fun and healthy experience.