You are NEVER too old to get fit!

There was a very interesting article released at the begging of the week saying that it is never too late to start exercising.  That if you begin exercising in your 30s, 40s and 50s it can have the same beneficial effects as if you had been fit and exercising all your life.  Sadly, I cannot find it, despite much googling!


Where do you start?

So, if you are currently not doing any regular exercise at all, if you are unfit, if you are recovering from an injury or procedure, where do you begin?  Well, a very gentle 5 to 10-minute stroll every day would be the answer.  Then going out for longer periods of time.  But, what if you find walking boring, or live in a polluted city?  Tai chi could be the answer for you.


Building up to just 20 minutes per day will enable you to build your muscles, increase your aerobic activity and engage your brain and imagination too.  It’s basically a series of postures joined together in a slow, fluid movements using your arms and legs.  This allows both the legs to build up muscle tone, due to the fact that you are standing and shifting gently from one leg to the other whilst moving your arms.  New moves are added to the routine each week after the previous weeks moves have been clarified and polished. 


Don’t been fooled into thinking that tai chi is easy though.  You can, if you want to, turn it into quite a work out by just performing the moves in a lower stance, with your knees bent the entire time.  Most students opt for the middle ground so that you exercise your body, but allow your mind to relax too. 


Sofa Blobs

It is so tempting to just blob on the sofa all evening after work.  This is not a good routine to get into, especially if you have a job where you sit a lot during the day too.  Actually, being a couch potato is worse for you during middle age that at any other time, tripling your risk of future disabilities.  Habits like this are started in your 30s so, beware!


Doing your tai chi everyday only takes 20 minutes and by not sitting for 20 minutes per day you are lowering your blood sugar level, improving your cholesterol and improving muscle tone too.  When you think of how much time we actually waste each day looking at social media, watching soap operas etc you begin to realise that squeezing in just ten to 20 minutes per day is actually easy. 


Invest in Yourself

Using tai chi to start to get fit and as a lifelong base for your whole being is a great investment in yourself.  As your muscle tone, flexibility, core strength and aerobic capacity all increase you will find it easier to exercise for longer in other areas of your life too.  Longer walks become easier, maybe even taking up a new hobby of swimming, cycling, squash? 


So, on this little amble of an article we have come full circle, back to walking and the initial article which sparked off the idea for this blog.  I still can’t find the article I wanted – did I dream it?- so you will have to make do with this older article which lets you know which exercises suit which decade of your life.  Me, I’m sticking to my walking and tai chi! 


A list of tai chi classes, times and location can be found the Hine Tai Chi Web site along with contact details.