If Music be the food of love . . . Tai Chi on!

Lots of interesting articles about music for you this week.


Tai Chi is brilliant for stress negative emotions and so much more, worldwide research tells us.  One question I have been asked so many times before is why don’t we use music we people are learning Tai Chi?

Music and Tai Chi


We do not use, or play, music in our classes whilst we are teaching for some very simple reasons.  Students can be distracted by the music so that instead of concentrating on their bodies, they try to link the moves to the music.  Some students just do not like music whilst they are learning.  When you are at home practising, if you choose to use music that is up to you.  We do not encourage this as students have found it difficult to remember the moves and routine when they come back into class. 


In the initial stages of learning, there is too much going on for most students to cope with music too. 


The simple truth is that you don’t need it.  Tai Chi slows down your mind, body, breathing and relaxes you.  It aids dopamine production in the brain, the feel-good chemical.  The same is true when you listen to classic or baroque music.  We like our students to be relaxed and still able to concentrate rather than too relaxed to be remember the moves and make the most out of the classes!


Whether you practise your tai chi with, or without, music, enjoy!  The most important thing is that you enjoy your practise.


Latest articles and Research this Week

Music to Change your Mood   


There is a playlist to treat health issues so, how can you help yourself?  Listening to music can either lift us up (to improve our performance in the gym) and help get though the cleaning quicker, but it can also be used to slow down our brain waves, heart beat and breathing too.  Reading a good book will relax you in this way too, but combine the too and you will gain greater benefits.  Classical music, such as Vivaldi, Albinoni and any Baroque will help relax you greatly, improve focus and memory.

Do not Listen to Music while Driving!


Unfortunately, listening to music whilst driving can be a bit of a dangerous distraction.  Apparently, it not only adds to a higher mental stress level, but slows reaction times too!


So much easier to do Tai Chi to keep you nice and calm, functioning at your peak.  The effects of Tai Chi can last throughout the day, improving just about everything that you do.

Don’t wait another day, come and join us now.