How Much Exercise Do You Really Do?

How much exercise do you really do?  Most of us would probably admit that we could do more, if we had the time and the inclination!  We are, apparently, a nation on couch potatoes with 8 in 10 of us being fat!  We no longer walk anywhere, preferring to have our shopping delivered from supermarkets and high street shops.  We no longer go for a stroll, just for the pleasure and to unwind.  


With most of us working longer hours the time spent at home is precious.  It is understandable that we don’t want to spend an hour or two food shopping.  The question really is, how we can maximise the exercise potential of our current life style without having to make too many changes.


Well, you don’t have to go out for one thing!  French ladies apparently, watch TV standing up ironing.  We could all do this simple bit of multi-tasking.  If you want to lose weight, walk up and down the stairs every time the adverts come on.  Do some lunges whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.  Do squats whilst loading and unloading the dishwasher.  If you use your imagination you can turn almost any every day task into an opportunity.


Motivation is the thing.  Sometimes it is better to have a goal and, best of all to help you stick to your plan, a friend you’re answerable to and in competition with.  Or join a group and be social.  Our tai chi classes are great for motivating you to learn the moves and then practise at home every day.  No going out, no expensive equipment, it’s completely portable and you can do it at a time that work for you too!


By exercising more, you will find that you can concentrate and it will improve your sleep too.  This is important as lack of sleep has been linked to expanding waistlines.  We in the UK do not sleep enough, which impacts on our mental and physical health.  It has a negative effect on our emotional well-being and make us more likely to crave high-fat, high-sugar, high-carb foods too.  


We have written before of the huge negative impact lack of sleep has on us, but if you are suffering you can greatly help yourself all round by just going or a 10 minute stroll, or join a gentle class like Tai Chi


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