Hobbies & Tai Chi for Insomniacs

Most of us will, at some point or another, go through a bout of insomnia.  Whist we will struggle with it and rage against it, what can you do whilst you are awake during the wee small hours?


One man in New York has turned a negative (not being able to sleep) into a positive and taken some remarkable picture of Central Park.


But, what else can you do without waking everyone else us?  Well, there is always catch up TV or reading a book.  I know people who bake at that time as it’s the only time they have the kitchen to themselves.  You are limited on the learning / studying front as your brain may not take in and retain the information but, making notes might help.


You could even start that novel you have been putting off.  Go for a nice quiet drive (if you are not too sleepy).  Building something, or drawing out the plans, can be a good use of your time.  Just don’t use the sander or power drill at 3am, the neighbours may not appreciate it!


There are on-line courses for drawing and painting.  These are restful and creative pastimes which don’t make any noise!  Origami could also be on your list.  You could also use this time to get organised.  Writing list of things to do for the holidays etc.  Listening to music through headphones.


There are hobbies which can help you to drop off, such as reading, listening to audio books etc.  Ironically, most of these are quiet and can be done if you do suffer a sleepless night!  I know of one lady who would get up at 4am to do her gardening.  Her garden was stunning. 


There are tests you can take to find out if you are a night owl or a lark.  This will help you to work out your sleeping pattern and optimum bed time too.  Some people thrive on just 5 hours whilst others cannot function with a full 8.  You need to find out which type you are and work with that.  Keeping to the same routine, even at the weekends is also important, or your whole system will swing out of kilter and take a while to settle back down again. 


Tai Chi has been shown to help alleviate insomnia, improve mood and lift energy too.  It’s a great way to learn to relax both your mind and body and to switch off your churning thoughts.  It’s a gentle form of exercise, which uses the whole body, with no jerking or jumping movements.  Just slow, rhythmic movements to pump the blood gently around the body and get all of your muscles involved.  The great thing is that you won’t ache the next day and you don’t need any equipment either!


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