Hibernation Is Not The Answer -Tai Chi Is!

Tai Chi Builds You Up for Winter

It’s getting colder and the days are shorter.  Less natural light can make you want to hibernate and make you sluggish.  It can also make you irritable and stressed too!  We crave high fat, sugary foods and become annoyed and disappointed with ourselves when we put on weight and change shape.

There is an answer – well, several in fact. 

 What you feed your body affects your mind.  Your mind, in turn effects your body.  It is a virtuous circle if you get it right. Right now, even though all the evidence suggest that exercise can lower dementia risk and improve mood, you don’t want to go out to the gym or for a swim right?  Too much effort?  Then just do your 15 to 20 minutes of Tai Chi at home every day. That’s less time than you spend watching your favourite show or the news! 

So many benefits in 15 minutes of Tai Chi

You will be stretching, gently moving and weight bearing whilst your mind is allowed to relax.  

Relaxed, but wide awake

This in turn, allows your muscles to relax as much as possible, whilst still supporting you.  It’s a wonderful, strange at first, feeling of being awake, but very relaxed.  It is a little addictive.  It clears your mind of clutter, of thoughts and that constant conversation you have with yourself. 

Calm and relaxed for the rest of the day 

Throughout the rest of the day most of that calmness and clarity of thought stays with you.  You’ll find you won’t be so stressed, so rushed, so caught up in other people’s dramas.  That 15 minutes you spend looking at your phone in the morning, you can spare that for your Tai Chi, for your mind and body and sanity surely?

The Vicious circle of not Being Active

Stress leads to bad decision making

Do you beat yourself up when not exercising? This just leads to stress which leads to some very poor decision making.  You start to barter with yourself, ‘I’ll go tomorrow and do twice as much’ etc.  As a result of this, quite often you find yourself comfort eating.  

Comfort eating makes you fat

You either over eat or eat the wrong things.  Again, so easy to do.  If you want to stop overeating, or if you’re not sure if you are eating too much or not, have a look at these gadgets

Stress creeps up on you-you don’t even know you are stressed!

The problem can then arise that your body becomes stressed as your mind becomes stressed.  Sometimes you don’t even know it’s happening and there are some surprising tell-tale signs you may be missing.  If you do find yourself in this position – and let’s be honest, we all do from time to time – then here are some ideas to help you get out of that rut

Look after the whole of you – with Tai Chi

You need to look after yourself as a whole person.  Your food, your exercise, sleep and mind.  This is a lot sometimes to think about, so just stick to your Tai Chi every day, don’t worry if you don’t do any other exercise or if you have a biscuit with your cup of tea.  Keep practising and your head will come right in the end. 

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