The Great Outdoors, Food, Hot Baths & Wine to Make You Feel Great

The weather is getting warmer, which means we all stand much more chance of practising our tai chi outside again – yea! On Facebook this week you will find post regarding tai chi and how it’s being recommended by heart doctors in the USA as a heart work out.

Not only does tai chi provide you with great exercise benefits, but it slows down our mind and allows your brain and body to relax. Practising every day will pay great dividends for your mental health and overall stress levels too!

Like being outdoors in a relaxing space, tai chi will allow you to relax and lose yourself within yourself. You will be aware of the noises around you and, indeed, your surroundings. But, they won’t bother you. Just like lying on the grass watching the clouds drift by, you are aware of the ground, grass, sun, noises etc, but not bothered by them. The same happens when you lose yourself in your tai chi practise.

Practising outside is something really special. If you have ever just sat in your garden or a park and relaxed, listening to the birds and enjoyed the feel of the sun on your skin you will begin to understand a deeper level of relaxation. Your breathing will slow, all of your muscles begin to relax and you just feel happier. This can be achieved every day by practising. Being outdoors and close to nature has been proven to reduce depression and obesity.

But don’t worry if the weather does turn bad as soaking in the bath can not only relax you after a hard day’s work, it can help you to lose weight too. Might work ever better for your heart if you have a glass of wine after too, as it helps to reduce your risk of heart attack. And just to cheer you up there is a new list of food to eat to make you feel happy.

There seems to be advice throw at us from all directions all the time now. Not just online, but well-meaning friends, colleagues and family reciting things they have seen on-line or on TV too. Try everything until you find your happy. When you do find your happy enjoy it. As you change the things which make you happy may change too, this is ok. After all, if chocolate makes you happy today, you may go off of it if you eat too much or your taste buds just change.

Think of it this way, you owe it not just to yourself, but to those around you, to take the time to find what makes you happy. In this way, you will be a nicer person to be around and you will inspire others to be happy and to find their happy too.

For what it’s worth, I’m drinking a glass of red wine and eating some 70% chocolate at some point later in the day after practising my tai chi outside. You’ll be able to spot me, I’m the relaxed happy one!