Drunk Crayfish, Stress of Walking & Your Mind Body Balance.

So, how was your shorter week?  Less stressful I hope!  There are a couple of Facebook posts this week to help your mind and soul.  Keeping secrets weighs heavy on your soul apparently, while meditation is proven, again, to do wonders for your brain.  Drunk Crayfish also share some insights into our human drinking habits and an ironic piece on how to enjoy the stress relieving country side, by keeping up to date with all of the stress inducing new rules!


There was an article published showing how swearing makes us physically stronger, but we don’t want to encourage you to swear in the class.  Concentrate, enjoy and giggle yes, swearing not so much please.  This makes you think about all of the things which are ‘bad’ for us, but actually turn out to be ‘good’!  Chocolate, coffee, red wine and beef are all good for us if kept in balance.  This is also true for exercise.  Too much is damaging, as is too little.  


We know this.  We are all well informed adults and are striving to achieve balance in our diets, work lives, home lives and physical activities.  But, how many of us strive for balance with our emotional wellbeing and stress levels?  It is, in many ways, easier not to eat something or to go for a walk than to deal with our own minds.  Meditation has so many benefits, but because it is not a physical thing which can be touched, held, felt or weighed it’s harder for us to quantify the benefits.  It is only after 10 days or so, that you can ‘feel’ the difference in your own head, in the way you think and react.  Looking back, with hindsight, you can see the positive changes.


So, why don’t more people prioritise looking after their minds and meditate?  Meditation is not easy, especially at the beginning.  Apps like HeadSpace help, but if you find sitting still difficult or boring then try Tai Chi.  You will be totally focused on your movements and be aware of your body in a whole new way.  This will allow your mind to de-stress and to forget about your everyday worries and niggles.  You will be so absorbed in what you are doing that the rest of the world will fail to exist at that moment and it will stop annoying you!