Coffee, Cheese, Sleep tips & Tai Chi – an unlikely combination!

An interesting article this week on tricks to get a good night’s sleep – not the same old tips I might add.  Sleep is so important, not just for our physical selves, but for our mental and emotional health too.  Anyone who has suffered a bad night, or jet lag, will understand. 


How much sleep you need to qualify for a ‘good night’ is down to you, but tai chi can help improve your sleep pattern.  It allows you to relax, both mind and body, whilst slow your breathing and thinking.  You will learn to relax more deeply and more quickly too.  By getting a better night sleep you will also be staving off depression, obesity and a whole host of nasties. 


You may want to schedule in a regular walk if you have one of the jobs on the list which is shown to cause sleep deprivation! That and up your tai chi practise.   As stated in previous weeks, walking can help to stave off depression, not just the actual exercise, but being outside too.  I’m trying to find a study into the effects of practising tai chi inside vs outside.  We all prefer being outdoors to practise, but there are no clinical studies that I can find, yet, to show the benefits. 


Something else to make you, potentially, worry and stop you sleeping was the publication of the article concerning taking regular pain medication and their nasty side affects!  A real worry for anyone with a chronic condition, but there is some good news. Coffee!  Yes, coffee can be used to treat chronic pain


More good news for cheese lovers.  Apparently it does not increase your risk of heart attack, but do keep on exercising and looking after yourself and doing everything in moderation!  Go for a little jog, it could add 10 years to your life – or if, like me, you don’t like jogging then just stick to your tai chi!  See, we do like to help you look after your mind and your body.  Have a good, balanced week!