Change Your Routines Change Your Life

Some lovely, surprising bits on Facebook for you last week on how coffee and omega 3 foods are good for you in new and surprising ways.


New Ways

And that is the thing, finding new and exciting ways to be and stay fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. I don’t believe there is one golden rule for each person, but that you need to change, grow and explore as you travel through life. What works well for you now may not be fulfilling and practical during the depths of winter e.g. salads verses homemade soups.


I know of people who change their routines regularly throughout the year. They change their eating habits, so they don’t eat the same breakfast every day to prevent boredom and random snacking. They change their exercise routine to suit their daily mood. This, apparently, works well as you are working with your body every day as it is. So, if you wake up full of energy and want to go for a run, do. If you would rather go for a walk, do that. As long as you are doing something, every day to look after your mind and body, that is what counts.


Bored & The Truth

You can become fed up reading about the super healthy, happy person who that does the same routine day in and day out.  Eating the same “healthy” things every day and believe that they, unlike us, don’t ever get bored or constantly repeating the same actions.


Trust me, they do! You have to include your brain in any plans you have for your body and stomach otherwise it won’t work and you will self-sabotage. If you find your normal exercise routine easy, change it, do something different or make it harder.


Same with food. If you have a good diet and it taken you months to work it out, but you still find you are craving something else, go Google what you want. Someone, somewhere will have found a great, healthy recipe for it. If you keep sticking to the same old thing and deny yourself a bit of fun, then that chocolate bar is going to look even more tempting than normal and a lot harder to resist!


We are all human, we get bored from time to time. We like a bit of variation, but not too much change, too often or we can get stressed! You know your limits and your boredom threshold. You know when you need to change things. The more honest you can be with yourself, the healthier and happier you will be.