The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time

How Tai Chi keeps you calm and in Control



You get used to how busy life is, to fitting 48 hours into 36, to multi-tasking and the higher levels of stress and noise.  Just because we are adaptable animals doesn’t mean we are doing ourselves any good!  In fact, the more you have going on in your life extra downtime is essential.  


Why?  Because you aren’t giving your brain a chance to slow down become more adaptive, creative and, surprisingly, restore your nervous system.


A study from Duke Medical School demonstrated the importance of silence to stimulate the hippocampus.  The hippocampus is the area of the brain associated with learning and memory.  The Journal of Environmental Psychology found that the noise and distraction created in an open plan office actually outweighed the benefits of increased morale and productivity.


We need to switch off, even if just for 5 minutes per day.  Tai Chi can help you to do this easily and simply.  The movements which make up the Tai Chi form are meditative.  They are slow, gently and rhythmic allowing you to become lost in the movements, to become lost within their own body and mind.  You become more aware of your physical self and in control of both your mind and your body.


Your balance and timing will start to improve.  So too will your posture and flexibility.  Your mind will become clearer and you begin to understand what it is you need in life e.g. space and time away from others, to be outdoors, eat fresh fruits, to spend time with friends, to walk in the woods.  It is a very natural process which puts you back in control of, and in touch with, yourself.  


You also build some mental space to react.  What I mean by this is that you begin to see situations from, almost, a third-party point of view.  You can hear what the other person is saying and work out quickly what they really mean, but you don’t become emotionally tied up in their drama.  It’s not that you don’t care, but that you choose how much of yourself and your energy you will devote to the situation.  


Because Tai Chi is practised, mostly, in silence it allows you to relax very deeply.  Constant background noise has been found to increase blood pressure and lead to stress.  Tai Chi allows your brain to disengage from the noise of the world and just let your mind wander.  The healing effects of Tai Chi and meditation are well known, but if you really want to detox your mind you could try a silence retreat!   


Failing that, why not try one of our tai chi classes to begin with?  You never know, it might just lead you back to yourself and some wonderful peace and quiet.