Tai Chi Exercises Suitable for Arthritis

One of the best approaches in controlling arthritis is exercise. Next to it is proper diet and so on. Almost all medical experts’ opinions are focused on the natural way of preventing arthritis which is through practicing Tai Chi.   Furthermore, they concluded that Tai Chi exercises that are suitable for arthritis are those that…

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The effect of tai chi exercise on blood pressure: a systematic review

A systematic review of the literature on the effect of tai chi exercise on blood pressure (BP) was performed. The authors searched Medline, CAB, Alt HealthWatch, BIOSIS previews, Science Citation Index, and EMBASE systems (inception through January 2007);

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The Ultimate Energy Workout

Beat stress, boost immunity, and curb your appetite with this revitalizing 15-minute routine More stamina so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. To the rescue: Qigong (pronounced chee-gong, which means “energy work”) This form of active meditation–made up of flowing repetitive movements designed to harness your body’s energy–has been shown to enhance nervous…

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