Become a Professional Tai Chi Instructor

Tai Chi training is a popular and growing area and offers the Health & Wellness professional as much earning potential and flexibility as they wish. Hine Tai Chi Training training programmes will give you the both the technical and marketing skills to become a successful health and wellness professional.

Up until now the only way that you could be trained by Hine Tai Chi is if you are already one of our students.  But because of demand we are opening up our training to all who would like to turn Tai Chi tuition into a part time or full time career.

Hine Tai Chi offers a range of courses to start your Tai Chi Instructors career.


The Tai Chi Transformation Instructors Training programme was developed by Master Hine our chief instructor for the 21st century.  With three distinct training modules 1 Core Tai Chi for people who are mobile and want to keep fit and healthy, but this can also be adapted to those who find it difficult to stand with a Seated Version. 2 Pain and Recovery Programme was developed for people who are suffering from painful joints or bad backs.  Master Hine modified the stances and techniques to take away too much stress on the knees.  3 Inner Youth Programme for people who are still moderately fit and mobile and want to stay that way.  By studying this systematic approach you will be able to teach most adult age groups.  Just as importantly the routine’s can be done in the most restricted space.


Programme 2

The Traditional Instructors Programme this is the programme which is taught by our branch and franchised schools.  Based on the famous Yang Style long form, which we have been teaching to tens of thousands of people for the last thirty years.  A detailed syllabus, developed by master Hine leads you week by week through the classes that you will teach. The main difference between the two programmes is that the traditional instructor programme leads on to all of the advanced training sections on this website.


The two programmes complement each other in that you could specialise in the Tai Chi Transformation Programme as it is a self contained stand along programme as is the Traditional Tai Chi Instructor Programme. Howeverwe suggest studying both, in that the combined programmes will allow you to cater for so many age groups, interests and levels of Wellness.


Ongoing Workshops and Training Programmes

Ongoing professional development for Tai Chi instructors including regular workshops to improve your skills and your ability to run successful classes.

Hine Tai Chi is one of the founder members of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.  Interested? Please send an email expressing your interest and a full prospectus will be sent to you before the programmes commence.