Arthritis? Long Term Benefits of Tai Chi & Other Helpful Tips

Arthritis affects many people though out the year, but it can become increasingly painful during the cold weather.  It’s not an old person’s disease either!  There are medications you can take, if you don’t suffer side effects or mind the implicated long-term affects.  Not only do sufferers have to live with constant pain, but it is debilitating, it stops people walking, opening jars, writing, gardening, driving.  


There are also side effects from the actual arthritis itself, which many don’t even consider.  This horrid disease also impacts on mental health.  Depression is common, a feeling of frustration, uselessness, and despondency is also common.  Not being able to do your usual round of social activities or hobbies can also lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.  And this disease does not just affect the elderly, it can also affect those in their 20s, 30s and 40s too. Don’t worry, there is good news coming, just keeping reading!


So, how can we alleviate the pain and stave off this disease as long as possible?  If you have been diagnosed by your doctor then I’m sure you will be well aware of the drug options available to you.  Diet can also have an influence on your body and how you feel as can exercise


Exercise?  With arthritis?  Yes, actually, you can and it can help alleviate the pain too.  Depending upon how severe your symptoms are you can benefit from some hydrotherapy, gentle walking or even tai chi.  Gentle exercise allows your brain to release feel good chemicals, just remember to work within your limits.  Tai chi has also been shown to have an anti-inflammatory affect too, so you get a double affect from this form of exercise.  It’s a ‘low impact’ exercise i.e. no jerking movements, gentle on the joints.  Its keeps the muscles toned and aids everyday balance and co-ordination too.


Future proof your body.


By starting tai chi now, and combining it with other forms of more strenuous exercise, strengthens your muscles, co-ordination and balance as you age.  This means that you will be at a significantly lower risk of falls, cancers, heart disease and mental health issues too.  You will also be more aware of your body and what it needs to stay healthy.  


Tai chi also stimulates around your body, builds your energy and keeps you warm.  It will balance your mind and body and make you feel more in control of yourself.  


We welcome students to our classes who have never thought of doing tai chi before.  They come and watch to see what is involved, they take part to see how their body and brain reacts, they make friends and, for a while, forget about the outside world, and set themselves free of their everyday worries.  


A list of tai chi classes, times and location can be found the Hine Tai Chi Web site along with contact details.